Welcome to Jeanne Rohrer’s CoreFlex Fit.
If you have a desire for CoreFitness, you’ve come to the right place.


CoreFlex Fit is a ballet-barre based workout that challenges both the mind and body.  The movements are low impact and very small.  This eliminates momentum so the muscles are doing all of the work.  The exercises are orthopedic and have proven to strengthen bad knees and backs.  There is an emphasis on core musculature and working the body from the inside out.  You strengthen a muscle and then lengthen it immediately after with a stretch.  This creates long, lean dancer-type bodies.

CoreFlex focuses on alignment and proper form so you strengthen without damaging.  The class is set to fun upbeat music that inspires.  My clients tell me my singing during class also inspires them and makes my classes very unique.   CoreFlex creates a positive energy that is contagious and addicting.  Not only do you acquire sculpted and toned bodies, but a sense of confidence, and postural awareness.  My older clients have regained their sense of balance, which tends to slip away with age.


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